Monday, May 28, 2012

Renaissance Festival

Two posts in one day! (Like that's ever going to happen again.)

Marsha, Tammy and I went to the Iowa Renaissance Festival in Amana this afternoon. The weather was good (no rain, like last year), the food was good (turkey leg, mmmm) and there's something about watching lots of people walking around in truly beautiful and sometimes very odd costumes that makes me feel perfectly NORMAL.

Here are just a few of my favorite shots. These guys had a lot of fun.

Joust Evolution was the star attraction. Pretty cool watching two fellows in armor trying to whack each other out of the saddle. Pretty sure if I was wearing all that and fell off a horse, I would not be betting back up any time soon.


  1. It was fun!! I even got a bit of a sunburn!! The juggling was my favorite part! I liked the jousting too! The clothes, YIKES!! They looked HOT!! I don't mean as in 'good' hot hot!

  2. OMG, Renaissance faires = Mr. Wild Dingo's dream weekend... (rolling eyes)... he used to fence (while in the Navy)... (rolling eyes again)... i tease... besides, we have a ton of those types of towns that dress up medieval all summer (Yvoire, Gruyeres, etc.) still rolling my eyes. sorry... can't help giggling at the medieval role-playing adults...

    still, looks like fun tho to watch!