Saturday, May 5, 2012

Malinois crack

I discovered malinois crack today.
It looks like this.
(Cheap impulse buy while picking up dog food.)

Thus enter the crack-head.
Tongue indicates pending loss of control of faculties.

The face of a crack head.
Does he not look slightly unstable? 
Unstable but very, very happy.

It's also tervuren crack.


  1. OMG, that's the original reason loki is called "cracker" --not because of the crackers you eat, but because it's like he's got crack in his blood. But then, the blog world interpreted it as crackers and well, ok... so we went with it...

    One other thing I wanted to comment on a while back: like you I spent so much time rewarding calming behavior. and after starting drive motivation, i too wondered if that really did something to his overall drive. (regardless of wheather it was positive or correction based method because frankly i used both, mainly positive reward methods for calm behavior.)

    We learned article search with another trainer who wanted him to "down" on the article. well, i could go on about how bad the method was and to this day, i'm pretty sure Loki is not jazzed about article search for small leather items...but to go find my hat in a forest he's much more into it. i'll have to share it with you offline someday. it's not one of my prouder training decisions.

  2. Oh boy! Guess it's Belgian crack all around.

  3. The orange version of that ball is my Springer Finch's OBSESSION. "Crack" doesn't even begin to cover it. They roll, and you can squish 'em, and knead 'em with your paws, and toss 'em in the air, and steal 'em from your brother, and, and...

    (This is Katherine at Spring Forth Dog Blog. Dunno why your blog doesn't like my WordPress log-in today, sigh.)