Tuesday, May 22, 2012

First cutting hay

All our sunny, dry weather has been good for hay-making. We could really use a soaking rain but the Farmer says it can just wait until he's done with first cutting hay.

This is a great field for walking the dogs once the hay is made. If there are still bales in the field, Phoenix likes to jump up on them and survey his kingdom.

The Farmer makes mostly big round bales for feeding cattle. He'll square bale a field once in a while but that's a lot more work.

After a field is baled, the individual bales are moved (either one at a time, with a front-mounted bale stabber or six at a time on a bale mover, depending on the field) into the hoop building where they're stacked three high.

Then it's off to another field, plus the waterways in row cropped fields are mowed and baled, too. More great dog-walking spots!