Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My valentine

Caught this pic of Jamie dozing in the sun on the couch over the weekend. He's my big sweet furry red dog. Very appropriate for Valentine's Day.

Notice there is no equivalent picture of Phoenix, possibly because A) he doesn't sleep or B) when he does sleep, he's usually snuggled on my lap, which makes picture taking a little difficult.

Not that Phoenix isn't my sweet little skinny bitey bouncy bruise-y valentine, too. It's just a little different with him.


  1. OMD, I love this pict of Jamie. He's beautiful. I always go back and forth: will I get a Terv or will I get a Maligator? shoot, i know i'll break down and get another sibe.

  2. just a LITTLE different? your grasp of understatement is obvious :)