Thursday, February 16, 2012

A day in the life

I stole this idea from stuff I'm seeing on Facebook, which is pretty darn funny. Welcome to my world.

What I went to college for
What my mother thinks I do

What my mother is worried I will do

What my husband thinks I do

What I'd really like to do

What I try really hard not to do

What customers think I do

What deadlines make me do

What I think I do

What I really do


  1. You're a photo journalist or journalist? For reals? I had no idea. I'm impressed! why should I be surprised. You're an excellent writer!

  2. Um....shouldn't that last one be an Obit??? VBG

  3. hahahah great job very funny and could you send me some cookies those are my fav and my Mom who I lost last year always made them for me....