Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Odds and ends

A dear friend shared this with me and it is so totally perfect for dog sports I had to post it. Oh yeah. We are so there, somewhere in that snarled up part but heading the right direction.

In other news, well, there really isn't any other news. I'm looking forward to our first agility trial of the year this weekend. Of course Phoenix doesn't know it's the first trial of the year but from the human standpoint, there is a sort of ceremonial element to it. We haven't trialed in nearly two months so I anticipate a few yee-haw moments on course.

You'd think by now I would have changed my header pic to something reflecting the appropriate season but A) this had been a really weird, warm, dry winter and believe me, there's no photogenic snow around here, just half melted, re-frozen dirty snow and muck and razor sharp ice, and B) I really, really, really like the pic I took last autumn. It's all warm and sunny and happy. So it will probably stay until spring.

Phoenix has reverted to a couple of bored-dog-in-the-house behaviors - mostly, stealing ink pens and crunching them up. I don't know where he's getting them but I've taken 3 away from him in the last week. He was chomping on one a few nights ago, I called him, he brought it to me, I took it . . . and the ink cartridge broke just as he dropped it in my hand. Timing is everything.

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