Friday, October 7, 2011

Winter is coming! Winter is coming!

In spite of the fact we’ve had temps in the mid-80s for the last week, I know this isn’t going to last. In fact, all this heat and sunshine is getting a bit tiresome. How do people in Hawaii deal with it?

The outlooks for the 2011-2012 winter have been released. For people like me, who enjoy obsessing about the weather, this is fabulous stuff. Yes. I’m a geek. I should have studied meteorology, not journalism.

I love the changing seasons and am not sure I could live in a climate where a season change was marked by a temperature swing of 10 degrees and perhaps a passing cloud. Guess I like it a little more extreme. I haven’t lived in the Midwest all my life for nothing.

So here ya go., the Farmers Almanac and have put their best and brilliantest minds to work at figuring out what this winter is going to be like. Enjoy.


  1. Great... I'm going to have less snow than usual, average temperatures, very wet weather, and heavy winter storms. If its going to be so wet and stormy, couldn't it at least snow some?

  2. ...I'll be nice and not post what my first reaction was.

  3. Okay, not to complain or anything, but as usual, those weatherman (persons??) have left themselves an OUT! We're on the boarder for either a really cold winter, with more snow than normal, normal, or a warmer winter with more ice. Once again, you'll just have to wait and see. I'm too busy enjoying the 70's!!! (':