Sunday, October 9, 2011

A perfect autumn morning

This morning I planted tulip bulbs while the dogs chased squirrels. Squirrels are a relatively new presence at our house. I don't know why we never had any before. We just didn't. Now we do. And they drive Phoenix crazy. Crazier. Whatever. Jamie is fairly oblivious although he'll give it the ol' college try now and then.

Fortunately for the squirrels, they have taken up residence in the trees outside of the dog yard. This means Phoenix can run the fence and squeak and bark and spin and ricochet off the house all he likes. No squirrels will be harmed while entertaining the malinois.

Once I got the tulip bulbs in the ground (three different varieties - early spring, mid spring and late spring), we went for a walk at the nature trail. 

I played with the idea of getting this year's Christmas card picture taken but it didn't happen. Although if I don't get anything better in the next two months, you may be seeing this one in your mailbox in December. 

Do I have the only two dogs who will alert on falling leaves? Granted, there were a LOT of falling leaves on this fine breezy morning but you would have thought pork chops were falling from the sky.

Phoenix was still in squirrel mode.
Or looking for more pork chops.
You never know with him.

Phoenix: Didja see that? SQUIRREL!
Jamie: My brother is a doofus. See my ear flick in annoyance.

Now there's homemade mac and cheese in the oven for lunch and I hope to get some more garden clean-up done this afternoon. We're going to run out of these gorgeous sunny, 80-degree days eventually.


  1. One never knows when Pork Chops will fall from the sky... I hear they sound just like leaves falling in the autumn...

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new header picture!

    As for tree lobsters, Khyra is so with Nix!

    HA! My word is POUNCES - how appropriate!

  3. LOVE your header pic as well. Gorgeous!! We took pics at Ledges today and Famke was also convinced every falling leaf MUST be some sort of critter. Falkor didn't even seem to notice. :)

  4. GREAT photos! It's a beautiful time of the year to get out in the woods - and in the garden. Enjoy it while it lasts :)

  5. What handsome boys!!! Did someone say Mac and Cheese!! YUM!!