Thursday, October 20, 2011

A sensible weekend

The Belgians and I are going to an agility trial this weekend. We are not camping.

We talked about camping. Well, the dogs didn't talk much. My friends and I talked about camping.

We all wanted to camp. We could camp right at the site. It would be inexpensive. It would be fun.

Sort of. Right up to the point where we froze to death or suffered cardiac arrest in the shower house.

Eventually, sensible minds prevailed. This is somewhat of a first for our group. We may be crazy but we're not stupid.

After camping on the autumnal equinox weekend back in September when Mother Nature decided it would be funny if night time lows were about 20 degrees below normal, I think we all realized that while bad decisions make great stories, they also make for very unpleasant overnight conditions and what may have been great fun when you are 25 loses a bit of its appeal when you are 45.

So we're camping at the Motel 6. Probably not as many good stories will come out of this. But you never know. The last time we stayed at this particular Motel 6, there was an incident involving margaritas, an overflowing toilet and having to be transferred to the only room left available - an handicapped room - which ironically was the most difficult room in the entire motel to access.

You just never know what's going to happen next.


  1. You are making me regret choosing to camp out this weekend at our tournament. Last year camping out at this one produced a downpour all weekend. But, the weather is looking up this year.

  2. I keep thinking I should at one of our tournaments. Maybe I will give that a whirl next season. Motel 6 for tournaments usually provides some entertaining stories in our neck of the woods. Good luck at the trial!

  3. Bring it on Motel 6... here we come!!!!!!!!!