Thursday, June 16, 2011

Waaaaaaay off topic

The Old Hollis Inn, Marengo, Iowa

I’ve been invited to go on a ghost hunt.

I believe the politically correct terminology would be “paranormal investigation.”

I interviewed a local woman earlier this week for a newspaper story about her haunted house. Here’s the condensed version: she and her husband bought an old Victorian home as a rental property or possibly to flip. Well, what with the footsteps when no one was there, the cold spots, the furniture moving and the voices, a future as a rental was questionable. (“It comes furnished with appliances and a ghost on every floor.”)

She’s had five different paranormal investigation teams from around the Midwest (who knew there were that many! Apparently there are more!) come in and do their ghost sniffing thing and all confirmed, yep, there are folks in the house that are not, um, on the same plane of reality as you and me.

Then she invited me to join them at the end of July when another team investigation will be held.

I didn’t say yes right away but I didn’t say no, either. The evening starts with a meet and greet, a historical tour of the house and a “Ghost Hunting 101” orientation, which explains equipment and procedures. Then they spend a couple of hours or so going through the house, from the basement to second floor. The last part is a “debriefing” to talk about everyone’s experiences.

It’s over by 11 p.m., so nothing weird like staying up until the witching hour or spending the whole night. There are no ouiji boards or seances or stuff like that. She described it as a scientific investigation to obtain solid evidence, which sounds pretty dull when you put it that way. But I suspect it won’t be.

Can’t be any weirder than a lot of other things going on in my life right now, which is pretty much focused on getting inside my dog’s head — and since I’m firm believer in inter-species communication I’m open to a lot of other possibilities as well.

Here’s a link to their Web site:

Any of you ever done anything like this?


  1. Wow, I didn't realize there were that many paranormal investigation teams. I have seen a few investigations on the various tv shows that focus on it but never in person. Sounds like an interesting opportunity.

  2. I think you should go!! You'll have fun! :-)

  3. I dont think I would be going on that outing . I had a friend who thought a ghost was in her house. Weird things would happen. Like they would all go to bed. Then hear noises. Go down stairs and the door would be open, tv on and all the lights would be on. One time a glass object flew off the table when no one was moving. They did move out but not because of the ghost.