Wednesday, June 8, 2011

NOW it's summer

The Belgians had their first official pool party of the summer last night. It was another one of those days with a heat index over 100 degrees.

From a lighting standpoint, this is a horrible picture but I had to include it anyway. How often do you get a picture of your dog's cute butt bunny- hopping into a pool?

Underwater retrieves are one of Phoenix's specialties.

I love the expressions on their faces.
"I got the ball!"
"I will kill you now!"

How many Belgians can fit in one wading pool?

Phoenix vs. the garden hose

Voluntary waterboarding. I don't know why he doesn't barf up gallons of water after doing this. He would happily do it all night.

Only a doofus would love getting blasted in the face with country well water that's about 38 degrees. I love my doofy dog.

The peonies bloomed late this year.

The Farmer came home from baling hay.
He attended the pool party briefly.

P.S. Patty, thanks for the comment about food vs. toys and isn't substituting a toy for a treat going to give you the same problem in the ring when neither are present. I promise I'll write about that with the next play post.

It's not so much about the toy but about the energy and fun the handler creates with it. And yes, you don't even need a toy to play sometimes. But with a dog like Phoenix, biting and tugging is definitely a rewarding activity (ACTIVE, not passive like being fed a treat), so a toy is required cuz my skin isn't up to being a malinois tug toy. ( :


  1. Looks like everyone had fun at the pool party! I look forward to your post regarding toys. Sophie is a big tug toy fanatic. It is her rewards for completing flyball runs. My skin is also not up for a game of tug, lol. So I am very interested to hear how your training progresses and hope I can make myself a super cookie too!

  2. Hmmm... I notice we didn't see the Farmer playing in the pool! Vinnie says he needs his own pool now - he's jealous of the Belgians!