Friday, July 25, 2014

Banner: Day 2

Day 2: trip to the vet for a well-puppy exam, visit to the newspaper office, ride in the Gator to check cows (cows are VERY exciting, if you didn't know), practicing quiet time in a crate and lots of playing outdoors once it quit raining.

Toys are a big hit. Any toy. Any time.

Dog trainers' mad skills mean they can tug with one hand and take pics with the other. 
Method not recommended for dogs weighing more than 10 pounds.

For the record, he CAN fit a full-size tennis ball in his mouth.

A little soft focus here but that's what you get when 
a 10-pound projectile is launching itself at your head.

And finally, Phoenix is notably absent from these photos. He is trying so hard to ignore Banner it's almost pathetic. Okay, he's not just trying, he's SUCCEEDING and it IS pathetic. Phoenix likes Banner - when he's in a crate or an x-pen. But when "it" is loose, he finds somewhere else to be. Banner is fascinated by Phoenix but has absolutely no idea that jumping on someone's head is neither appropriate nor appreciated. I'm keeping the two carefully separated until Phoenix starts to show genuinely friendly - or at least tolerant - interest. There's no rush.

Until then, Phoenix is pretty sure Banner's only redeeming social value is that he has a lot of cool new toys that Phoenix is allowed to play with and also, when Banner has a yowling fit (LEMME OUTTA HERE RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE DO YOU HEAR ME!!!!), Phoenix gets cookies.


  1. So. much. cute. Phoenix will no doubt come to appreciate the role of playing "Fred," Denise Fenzi's name for the dog who gets a party when the dog being trained gets distracted or decides they don't want to bother.

  2. Oh man, any idea where to find a tug like that? I like the bungie on the handles and the soft middle, it's something my girl would go nuts for!

    1. Valerie - the tug is from She will make them in custom colors/fabrics, with or without squeakers, etc. Very fun. Malinois tested, Aussie approved.