Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The short list

Decided on a breed. Check.

Contacted a breeder. Check. (It's too cool that she is someone I met back in the day when we were both just starting out and showing shelties in obedience. We've moved on to other breeds and additional venues but continued to bump into each other at performance events over the years.)

Breeding planned. Check.

Breeding accomplished. Check.

Ultrasound to confirm breeding was successful. Check.

Wait. Wait. Freaking wait some more. Check.

X-rays to count puppy skulls and spines yesterday. Check. (Any weird noise you hear in the background is the breeder gasping for air when she saw HOW MANY of the little critters are packed in there.)

Now we wait. Until Thursday. Or Friday. Or Saturday.

Since the Blessed Event is finally within shouting distance, thought I'd present you, Dear Readers, with the short list of breeds that might be Phoenix's new little bro or sis.

Here they are, in no particular order. Cast your vote and you'll be entered for a grand prize drawing to win . . . um . . . nothing. Sorry. I got excited.

1) Belgian tervuren

2) Shetland sheepdog

3) Australian cattledog

4) Australian shepherd

5) Belgian malinois

5) English shepherd

Tell me why you think I might choose that particular breed. (Yeah, I clearly have a strong herding dog bias.) Some of you already know. In spite of my determination not to publicly go batshit puppy-itis crazy until the litter was safely delivered, well, you what it's like trying to keep a secret in the dog community.


  1. Excuse me, there seems to be a low rider or two missing on your list :) Congratulations and can't wait to see what the big brown dog thinks of his new sibling in a few months!

  2. So happy for you! I know the breed so won't spill the beans. :) Can't wait to meet the little guy-or-girl! Our obedience class will be the best place in the world to socialize him/her! :)

  3. I can't wait to win the grand prize! And to hear more news. I am guessing Shetland sheepdog. I don't know why. Just a guess.

  4. Im voting for another BM. It would be cool to have "bookends".

  5. Having a Sheltie has to be the best experience, and I'm betting you you want to repeat it.

  6. Congratulations to you! I am voting Tervuren because of Jamie. :-) Plus you said the breeder USED to have Shelties so ... not a Sheltie. Not English Shepherd since I don't think they are AKC register-able and you seem to like AKC events. AND - I love Tervs almost as much as Belgian Sheepdogs (which I DON'T see on your list LOL). Maybe a Malinois... can't imagine you (who I don't know but I love your blog!) with an Aussie or a Cattle Dog although they are both fine breeds. Looking forward to reading more about Phoenix, his new sibling, the cats and the farm plus dog training in general.

  7. Can I change my vote? I did not realize that "English Shepherd" was really a breed. I looked it up and it looks interesting and different. I am betting that you want something different, and biddable.

  8. I'm going to blindly guess... Aussie. Or Terv.

    ACDs are really fun and I like them a lot, but they are ever so slightly an "off breed" in obedience, so since obedience is your primary sport, I'll guess that isn't the new pup's breed. Ditto English Shepherd.

    Can't be a Sheltie because you said the breeder isn't in Shelties anymore.

    Probably isn't a Malinois since Phoenix already occupies that slot.

    That leaves Tervuren and Australian Shepherd as the possible contenders. So then the question is, would you pick the same breed as a recent dearly departed dog or would you choose a different one? I don't know you at all, so I don't know the answer to this question -- but since Cathie already guessed Terv, I'll make Aussie my #1 guess.

  9. Aussie-since I saw Debbie's post on FB. My guess is because you need more hair in your house. Choose a red merle

  10. I'm guessing a Terv. Although, for the record, I would like to state that a Belgian and an Aussie is an excellent combination. (And on the off chance that it is an Aussie, will you let me know if there's a blue merle girl available?)

  11. I already know the breed but am excited/curious to hear how many puppies are crammed in there!

    And still (im)patiently waiting for my mystery mom to come into heat so I can start my own checklist. Going by my stalker calendar, she was last in season 11/14. 42 weeks past that was May 1st... She's late! I heard since the winter was so severe it pushed back some heat cycles up to a month. No excuses - I want my puppy!

  12. Malinois! (I'm only guessing that because I know a Mal, Ayla, is due those days, bred to Mauno. I would be totally pleased if I was right about breed, and breeder! :D!!)

  13. Here's my guess, based on reading your blog and meeting you and your dogs a few times: Australian Shepherd. Why? Smaller than a Terv, yet bigger than a Sheltie. And kinda fits your personality. If I win I get one of your crates OK?

  14. Another Terv because Jamie was such a love. Or not because it's sometimes hard to follow in such wonderful paw prints.

  15. I'm thinking the farmer would like a cattledog to help wrangle those steers. However, since you're a competitive trainer probably looking for another otch dog, I'm going with the sheltie : ) Can't wait to see what you get!

  16. I'm voitng Malinois once you have one ya gotta have another :) though I just finished reading the comments and guessing I am probably wrong since I think someone spilled the beans :) Whatever breed it is will be a very lucky dog to have you :)

  17. I will guess that it's a breed you have not had, so that leaves #3, 4 and 6. I don't know #3 and 6, but I've known great performance Australian Shepherds. I'll say Aussie!