Friday, May 9, 2014

Free For All Friday

Today's post is brought to you by my iPhone. Because how did we ever exist as a human race before we could snap pics of random things on the spur of the moment to share with the world?

I had to buy this plant. Had. To. Could you have resisted? 
We're talking CHOCOLATE here, people!

This is Phoenix's butt. And Bonus Cat. 
Yes, he has the leash in his mouth. This is how we roll.

"I caught this for you. It was trying to hide in the bottom 
of a gear bag on top of some furniture but I caught it."

The call of the wild is a beautiful thing.
Possessed. But beautiful.

What? You don't keep your cats in galvanized buckets?
(Siren is now Assistant Gardener In Charge of Buckets)

Stormfront approaching.

Brief update on things: corn planting marathon is complete. Farmer's Brother is still in hospital. Soybean planting has commenced. Skinny Little Dog and I are off to do AKC obedience this weekend. Bonus Cat will not be going with us. Not even in a bucket.

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