Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Kitten progress report

After almost a month, Phoenix and the kittens have reached the "let's turn them loose together and see what happens" stage. (I'll do a post soon detailing the steps it took to get to this point.)

What happens is the kittens go about their business (they're very busy) and Phoenix trots around after them, nosing, sniffing, poking and occasionally getting in trouble because he tries to chase. The kittens are oblivious.

I wanted to shoot pics outdoors last night but it had rained all day and no way was I turning this bunch loose in the mud.

The elusive Mr. Weezel, revealed.
They're standing on top of the weed mower.
Just because they can.

Siren: pre-pounce sequence initiated.

Of all 3 kittens, Weezel deliberately seeks out Phoenix to play with him. If Phoenix ignores him (yeah, right), Weezel will run across his path or go find him and get his attention. You can just see the outline of Nix' ear between the tires and the head gate. Weezel spent a great deal of time teasing him to come closer. Even the Skinny Little Dog couldn't fit through that gap.

This pretty much says it all. Phoenix has had his nose swatted by Siren a lot. She's very gentle about it, more patting than swatting. Siren is very tactile, she uses her front paws more than the other two kittens. She is a very touchy-feely cat. She swats my face, too, when I hold her.

Yeah, Phoenix still wants to chase them and I'm sure he would if I weren't there to referee. But I've achieved the first goal - for him to be loose around the kittens with supervision and be NICE.


  1. Don't fall fur their khytten trikhks of khuteness Phoenix -

    The are still KHATS!

    PeeEssWoo: Of khourse, if woo want to share, woo khan send one to PAWSylvania!

  2. Juno says "Who is this dog masquerading as Phoenix, the once mighty kitteh-hunter? And what have woo done with my favorite cyber-partner-in-kitteh-crime? Sigh. What is the world coming too?. So wrong. so very wrong."

    Juno's mom on the other hand gives woo two thumbs up for being such a good boy!