Monday, June 10, 2013

Garden tour

Life is good here in this part of Ireland. Um. Iowa. We've had so much rain, fog, drizzle, clouds and cool temps that some days I feel like we're sharing an alternate universe with the UK or possibly the Pacific northwest.

But my flowers love it. I've had to water exactly ONCE since setting out this year's annuals, and that includes containers. Yep. Once. In five weeks. Mother Nature is working overtime to provide moisture. The Farmer wishes she would take a break so he can make hay.

Before the heat and bugs of summer set it, here's an early June garden tour. Things are green and happy.

Iris and peonies (blooming late) 
and miniature rose (blooming early)

Miniature rose.
I absolutely LOVE this plant.
I've tried to kill it so many times
and it grows and blooms in defiance
of my not always green thumb abilities.

Bearded iris with petals wet from rain.
And to think last year we were in an extreme drought.
Well, summer isn't over yet.
For that matter, I'm not sure it's even started.

I'm trying them as a container grown annual this year.
They are not hardy in this part of the Midwest.
They have such dazzling blends of color.

Indian Summer coleus,
from clippings I took last fall and wintered over,
possibly my favorite coleus ever.
On the far right is Dipped In Wine coleus, 
possibly my favorite plant name ever.


  1. Beautiful! The mini rose can winter over outdoors?

    1. My rose bushes make it through the WI winters without much problem. I'll be the mini roses would do fine here, too.

  2. I would love those beautiful blue iris. Do you know the name?

  3. Very pretty flower garden. Love your mini roses. I should plant those instead of my rose bushes. Are the Japanese beetles a problem for your mini roses?