Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Vintage Shelties

I've been cleaning house to prep for a company garage sale in a couple of weeks. In the process of emptying a closet, I found some fun pics from the Sheltie years.

This is my first Sheltie, Jess, April 1989.

Here's Connor and me, his first CD leg, April 1996. 
Tied for HIT, lost the run-off. Do we look devastated?
It's a wonder my feet were even on the ground - 
I'd never been in a HIT run-off before.

Tammy E., I still have the kilts and bonnets you made for my lads!
(Halloween, mid 1990s)

Okay, I'm namin' names!
Team, 2nd place, DMOTC, September 1995
Eric Hendrickson and Sebastian
Michele Hartzler and Oscar
Melinda Wichmann and Jess
Tammy Etscheidt and Molly

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