Monday, April 8, 2013

The 99s ride again

Over the weekend, Jamie and his aunt Breezie took time out of their tremendously busy social calendars to pose for some pics. Both were born in 1999 and will be 14 years old this summer.

It was a pretty hysterical photo shoot. Breezie wanted nothing to do with the whole idea. No ears. No expression. At one point, she put her head down on the ground and possibly went to sleep. It was a clear paw flip. She's like that. Don't annoy the queen.

Jamie loves having his picture taken. He's all about ears. Until he's all about the cookies and then he's done holding still. 'Stay' has ceased to have meaning in his world.

I'm not sure who actually took these pics because at one point Breezie's mom handed her ginormous humongazoid camera over to me to shoot while she did cartwheels and headstands to make Breeze put her ears up. A friend was helping too, with a barrage of tennis balls and flying flippies. Apparently it worked.

Love my sweet old red gray dog. Thanks, Sheryl, for the pics. A moment in time on an April afternoon.


  1. What totally sweet photos, something to cherish forever.

  2. OMD! Jamie and that HEAD tilt! I'm smitten. Juno is fluffing her jodhpurs for him as I write this!