Thursday, February 21, 2013

What's old is new

Remember the antique ice box my aunt gave me last summer when I helped her clean out her house? It had spent the last 40 years sitting in the back of a dirt-floored garden shed. They used it to store motor oil and the oil/gasoline mix for the lawn mower and garden tiller. A groundhog dug a hole under it at one point. The varmint knocked off the very bottom board, which would have hidden the tray that caught the melting ice as it drained out.

The furniture refinisher called last week and it's done! They delivered it yesterday. Note the "groundhog board" has been replaced.

So far I've been too fascinated by just looking at it to actually put anything in it. While I would love to put it in our kitchen, it's too big (or the kitchen is too small), so it's in our bedroom and will probably serve as a multi purpose catch-all in this new incarnation.

The dogs had to inspect it. When I opened the small door on the lower left, Phoenix crawled in as far as he could go. He was probably looking for the groundhog.


  1. wow that is beautiful!!!!! I think I would have to put special books in it if it was mine, which I wish it was ! :)

  2. Lost my comment will try again. Very pretty I have one very similiar and it's in my kitchen full of dog stuff :)) I keep trying to clean it out a bit but I go thru stuff and say mmmm Might need that for the next dog :))

  3. LOVE it! Of course Antiques Roadshow would kill you for refinishing it (loses its value), but I find it MUCH better and more appealing in its new form. I'm jealous. Would love to have it. Have a perfect spot for it in my kitchen. . .

  4. LOL Kat, that hideous paint was NOT the original finish. Some well-meaning relative painted it somewhere along the way. The guy who refinished it said that was the best thing that could have happened since it sat outside in a shed for 40 years. The paint protected the wood, so when the paint was stripped, all the original wood was in great condition.