Monday, February 25, 2013

Reasons why you should buy a new training bag

As if you really NEED a reason. But here are some, just in case you need to justify your actions to a puzzled spouse/partner/friend who looks at you and says, “Another bag?”

1) Your old bag is too small.

2) Your old bag is too big.

3) Your friend got a new one and now you have bag envy.

4) A new bag will make your dog heel better (run agility better, track better, etc.)

5) Your old bag has bad feng shui.

6) Your old bag smells funny.

7) Your old bag has more miles on it than your last two cars.

8) You need a bag with more pockets. Yes. Pockets are the answer to everything.

9) Your old bag has mysterious stains.

10) Your old bag has mysterious gnaw marks and may be missing parts.

11) It was on sale.

12) They were going to quit making that style.

13) Your dog wanted one.

14) It looked really cool on the catalog model.

15) Your spouse/partner just bought something ridiculously expensive and you know you can buy something new for yourself without getting the hairy eyeball. (This actually explains the tractors to dog crates ratio at our house.)

16) It was blue. (Seriously. I probably need an intervention but I’ve been known to buy things just because they are blue and that bag was no exception.)


  1. I'm in the process of purchasing individual training bags for each of my dogs because my current beloved training bag can't house all of their stuff. So my current bag will have all of my "people stuff" (sunscreen, pens, lip balm, baby wipes, flashlight, etc) and then each dog will have a bag with all their gear. Is there a "training bag anonymous" group for us to join? :)

  2. LOL great post! And all very valid reasons for getting a new training bag! ;-)

  3. and you aren't going to enable the rest of us with links to the wonderful new bag? Seriously I have been searching for quite a while and am yet to find something I liked.

  4. How about "the current bag is just plain OLD! or the strap on the one that I have doesn't FEEL right". Seriously, I have so much stuff in mine that I hate to pick it up (ok, how many dumbbells does one really need in one bag?). I like spring4th idea, one bag for each dog. So I'll have two bags that I can distribute all my dumbbells between. Yeah, time to do some shopping!

  5. sigh. i know this. so well. too well. thank dog my spouse is all about the "economy of motion" and does not wince at duplicates or special equipment for specific needs. I don't point this out but he has a TON of tools, duplicates because he has an UPSTAIRS (above the garage) workshop, with saw tables, vaccums that hook into the celing for each peg boards full of tools. All of which (except saw tables) are duplicated in the downstairs garage so he doesn't have to truck up to the workshop if he needs to do something quick in the downstairs garage. this includes tools from peg board tools (screw drivers) to automatic/battery operated tools, leaf blowers, etc. Even a shop vac for the downstairs garage. I learned a lot from this man. it's damn nice to come home from a big bike ride with the cracker and criminal, put my gear away and pull the shop over from the side of the garage, that's already plugged in and just give the car a quick once over from all the husky hair. Yes, this man has taught me much and has given me plenty of rational justifications for my "need to have it" arguments. It all boils down to "economy of motion." Make it simple. even if you have to duplicate or upgrade... did i help your situation much? probably added fuel to the fire...