Saturday, September 29, 2012

Septemberfest . . . um . . . Oktoberfest

I got to take a day off from running at the Scott County KC agility trials this weekend to cover Oktoberfest. It's still September but that doesn't stop the Amana Colonies. They're ahead of their time.

Can't have Oktoberfest without a polka band and dancing.
I would have dressed up, too, but my dirndl is at the cleaners.

You're never to old to wear lederhosen.
The gentleman in the center was being honored 
for helping start Oktoberfest in the Amana Colonies back in the mid-60s. 
I guess that was in the last century.

This is Barefoot Becky and the Ivanhoe Dutchmen, one of the musical acts entertaining this weekend. She's barefoot. Trust me. The steins were full. Trust me.

This is the Middle Amana float in this morning's parade. This proves A) you can drive a semi tractor trailer through "downtown" Amana and not run over any one and B) someone in Middle Amana thinks they're funny.

Explanation: this year's Oktoberfest theme is "Amana Colonies, Seven Villages, Seven Wonders." There are 7 Amana villages - Amana, Middle Amana, High Amana, South Amana, West Amana, East Amana and  . . . Homestead, where I live.

Homestead was not originally an Amana village. It was already established before the colonies were settled. The Amana colonists BOUGHT Homestead (you can do that?) after setting the other 6 villages to get access to the railroad. Middle Amana was the last village settled and is celebrating its 150th birthday this year. The kicker on their float was "Why did we bother to buy Homestead if Middle is so perfect?" Wise guys.

There were activities for kids, too, including a bunch of straw bales they could jump back and forth on. It was an amazingly popular attraction. Only at Septemberfest in Amana.

Alas, I was not able to photograph the bratwurst races this year. Either I had my schedule wrong or nobody signed up to do it. Last year's event featured people drinking beer, wearing bratwurst costumes and drinking more beer. Yep. Beer and weiner suits. Really. Just let your imagination run with that and it will be as good as any actual photo.

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