Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Malinois as storm spotter

Wednesday, Sept. 5, 3:30 a.m., thunder, lightning and heavy rain. The house is closed up, AC is on, thanks to yesterday’s 90 degree air temps and dew points in the 70s. September in Iowa. Autumn? Yeah. Maybe autumn at the equator.


Phoenix (poke-poke): Mom?

Me: Mmmblahhrgh

Phoenix (poke-poke): Mom?

Me: G’way.

Phoenix (poke-poke): Mom?

Me: Whaayawant?

Phoenix: Storming. Big storming. Scared.

Me: You have never been scared of storms a day in your life.

Phoenix: Okay, not scared. Get on the bed?

Me: Why?

Phoenix: Cuz.


Me: Cuz why? It’s not that bad of a storm. Jamie’s not even freaking out.

Phoenix: He’s asleep. He can’t hear. So he sleeps. It COULD be a big storm. Huge. Dangerous. I protect you. Need to be on the bed.

Me: It’s a garden variety t-storm. If it can’t wake up Jamie, it’s not a dogs-on-the-bed storm.

Phoenix: If I woke him up he’d see the lightning and bet he’d freak out and he’d get on the bed and I then I could get on the bed, too, so I should just get on the bed now.

Me: Your logic scares me. DO NOT wake up your brother.

Phoenix: Bed?

Me: No! Go lie down. Be a good dog.

Phoenix: I’m a very good dog. I can be a good dog on the bed.

Me: No dogs on the bed unless it’s a legitimate severe storm and I don’t hear the weather radio going off with any watches or warnings.

Phoenix: D*mn radio. I will bite it.

Me: You will NOT bite it. If Jamie is fine on the floor,  you’re fine on the floor, too.

Phoenix: Hmmm . . . .

Me: DO NOT wake up your brother. Because then he WILL freak out and your papa is not a fan of dogs on his head at 3:30 a.m.


Phoenix: I could make him stop making that noise.

Me: Yeah, and then he’d be making a different noise.

And my co-workers wonder why I am the way I am some mornings when I get to the office.


  1. I love the conversations you have with your dogs. They're very similar to what goes on here, lol

  2. Hmmm... there was something about that storm last night. Robin, in his 14+ years has NEVER been afraid of storms. Last night he decided that he was afraid of THAT storm. Wonder what was up with the world? My wake up Whippet came at 3:15am. I am going to sleep good tonight!

  3. Like Jamie, Lucy wasn't much bothered by last night's storm. It is such a relief for both her and me not to have her pace, hide under beds, etc. anymore during "garden variety t-storms."

  4. "damn radio. I will bite it." Classic! Loki agrees. Laughing out loud. I am getting this nightly now tho. Wants on the bed. Not gonna happen tho because i barely like sleeping with MWD. I wont enjoy sleeping with dogs. So he goes downstairs half way thru the night and illegally sleeps on the leather sofa. I pretend not to notice so i can snooze. It all works out.