Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Very odd odds and ends

What do these two pictures have in common? Um. That would be nothing. But I finally downloaded my little camera (as opposed to my big camera) and this is what happens when I start playing catch up.

This icebox came out of my aunt's house cleaning project. She grew up in a house with no electricity for much of her childhood and this was the 1930s version of a refrigerator. When she moved to Iowa, the icebox got moved into the garage and a groundhog lived underneath it for a number of years. In spite of that (and a really ugly coat of paint), it's in excellent condition, only missing the lower panel, which I suspect was knocked off by the groundhog. It was one of those "You want it? You take it" deals. And yeah, I wanted it!

I took it to a local furniture repair and refinishing guy a few weeks ago. The guy there got kind of excited about it. It's still got the original maker's plate, under the hideous paint, and all the interior hardware. He said it will be at least eight months before he gets it stripped and refinished. No prob. It gives me something to look forward to - and time to decide where I'm going to put it in our house!

Next odd thing: went out to train Monday morning and my ring gates had these little critters stuck all over them. Well, I guess the critter isn't there any more. These are cicada shells. The cicadas are now in the trees, shrieking their hearts out in the late afternoon and evenings.

Phoenix finds cicadas amusing and tasty. It's only a matter of time this summer until I catch him running around the yard with one clamped in his teeth. The bug will be buzzing for its life and Phoenix will look happily demented. At least he doesn't try bringing his special snack into the house.


  1. Good to know that it isn't just my dogs that like to eat cicadas. Last night our terrier mix wouldn't go to bed and was asking to go out. We thought she might be sick to her stomach. Turned out she just wanted to hunt for a cicada for a bedtime snack!

  2. My dog discovered this year that lawn grubs are very tasty! Once she'd had one, I had a hard time doing the edging around the gardens without her being in the way, waiting for me to uncover another one. If there was a way for me to let her get the ones under the lawn without her ripping up the lawn (like the skunks do!), she'd have a marketable skill!

  3. Einstein LOVES to poke the cicadas! Not so much walk around with them but just sit there for hours and poke them...

  4. Lyric eats junebugs. So ladylike.

  5. love the icebox we have one it's gorgeous in oak and holds all my dog odds and ends. mmmm cicada chips crunch crunch

  6. My dogs look at cicadas as crunchy flying snacks!

    as to the icebox, LOVE IT. I would have taken it too!