Friday, July 27, 2012

Big tough malinois . . .

. . . enjoy chasing bubbles.

Phoenix gets a kick out of this. Last night wasn't the greatest for bubble chasing since by the time I got to it, the lovely breeze had died and the bubbles just hung in the air - fun but not as much fun as when they drift along on a breeze. I don't think Jamie can see them any more. He wanders around and wags his tail and looks at his brother like "What is wrong with you, dude?"

I have a visual! Target acquired!

I will sneak up on it . . . it will never see me coming.

OMG, they're everywhere, they're everywhere!

Take that!

My life goal as a photographer is to take an in-focus shot of my dog biting a bubble. Clearly, this is going to take more practice.


  1. OMG. Best. Post. Awesome.

    On another note, those hay bale collectors were fun to watch. they grab them and stack them, but what i want to know is how they get all rolled up in a neat little roll? Gnomes? I'm convinced it's gnomes. Since I never see the machine that does it.

  2. I discovered 3 years ago that bubbles are a great way to entertain both a puppy and a toddler!

  3. Love it. You don't need to become an ace photgrapher as your commentary says it all. You are just too funny.,