Friday, June 8, 2012

Juggling life and dogs

This has been a crummy week for blogging, in spite of having lots of ideas.

Tuesday I found out that my aunt Karene (Mom's sister, like a second mom to me) has breast cancer. Karene has lived with Mom since my dad died 3 years ago. Karene is in the process of cleaning out and selling her house. Finding out you have cancer is one of Life's slaps in the face. Makes you want to slap Life right back and say "I don't have time for this crap."

My aunt would never say anything like that. I suspect she politely and sweetly informed Life that this was a bit annoying and would it please get out of her way because she had more important things to do. Life had better listen if it knows what's good for it.

Karene had surgery yesterday and it went well. They removed the lump as well as several lymph nodes, which did not show cancer cells on initial inspection. Karene got to go home last night. Who would have thunk it - cancer surgery as an outpatient procedure. But I guess people are happier and heal faster in their own homes. From my own brief hospital stay a couple of years ago, I know my entire focus was on GETTING OUT.

Fortunately, the timing of everything worked out that Phoenix and I get to leave for the Denise Fenzi seminar near Chicago this afternoon without any accompanying guilt that I should be sticking around for my mom and aunt. The Farmer and I will be taking several days in the coming weeks to help her with the final move from her house, since the buyer wants to close on July 1.

Really looking forward to this seminar. I enjoy Denise's blog as she details the training journey with her young Terv and am looking forward to exploring more of her methods firsthand. I was wait-listed for a working spot initially, but time is a wonderful thing and enough people had changes of plans that I was able to get a working spot. I have my ever-changing list of training issues tucked into my gear bag and we're ready to hit the road.

I hope next week will bring time and motivation to write about the seminar as well as some other topics. Have a great weekend, no  matter what you are doing!


  1. Safe travels. Enjoy the seminar. Hoped you packed enough treats --- for both of you and above all am glad things went well for your aunt.

  2. Whew.... sounds like surgery went as good as surgery can! Glad to hear it!!

    Now - go enjoy that seminar and report back to us!

  3. So sorry about your Aunt. My sister best friend since high school, she is 50 yrs old, just found out she has colon cancer that has gone to the liver. Ugh, life sucks sometimes and seems so unfair.
    Really they have had great success with curing breast cancer over the last ten years. I've several friends who have had successful treatments.

  4. Sorry about your Aunt glad it all went ok for the surgery and I hope she makes a quick recovery and stays cancer free. You must be so excited for your DF seminar and a working spot with Phoenix will be great!! Can't wait to hear all about it. Have fun!!!

  5. Have fun at the seminar! I too was wait listed for a working spot (at a different city), and then unfortunately had to give up my hold. :(

    So I'm hoping you'll have lots to write about next week. :)

  6. You posting are wonderful and informative.