Monday, June 18, 2012


Well, here it is, the teeter fly-off of the year at my club's trials over the weekend. The teeter is the third obstacle from the end, right after the weaves.

Phoenix barely tipped the board, just launched and sailed right over the end. Actually, he launched from the mid-point of the teeter and jumped half the length of the board before going totally airborne. Obviously he didn't even touch the down contact, although I believe he was hovering in yellow airspace. I honestly think he thought he was doing the dog walk and was leaping up onto the crosswalk board, only it wasn't there.

Glad you got this on video, Michele! (Turn up the volume, her comments on video-ing with my iPhone are funny, too.) I guess it was fairly spectacular for the folks sitting ring side who got an up-close view. Maybe it's true, malinois ARE made of steel belted radials and industrial springs.

Not exactly the teeter performance I'd care to have my dog repeat but no one got hurt and the following day he did a lovely job of controlling the board to the ground. I was ready to do some teeter management when we got there but he handled it all himself. Good boy.


  1. Wow, he is light on his feet. The board didnt even tip. Love the color in your video's , everything looks so rich.

  2. I agree Diana, barely a tip. Looks like he just didn't want to get beat by you at the end. Sounds like this was a fairly common occurrence. A teeter at the end of the course practice might be in order? BTW Martha, nice front cross!! (Yes everyone...I really do know her name is Melinda. G)

  3. I was sitting straight across and couldn't believe what I saw. But he did do it with a little style that only Phoenix could do. And Michele - Nike is here with my - when you said "oh sh-t" she sounded off. I guess she doesn't approve of your language(lol).

  4. I think he knew the dog walk was right there, he had just gone over it, under for the second time, and when he turned and saw the teeter he just -assumed- it was the DW- his
    striding was just like when he hit the DW and I think it just caught him off guard and maybe not totally focused. Luckily he seemed totally unfazed by the whole thing!

  5. Phoenix just has to add his own little flair to the teeter! Michele cracks me up - love the comments!

  6. wow that was amazing never saw that happen before. Very light on his feet LOL gorgeous run too! Wow and the club puts up orange netting all the way round even though there is already a white wall? Pretty neat and great looking place to run.