Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hair crisis: Part III

Tomorrow I'm getting my hair cut for the third time in six weeks. My stylist and I are at an impasse regarding the concept of "short." Yes, it's gradually getting shortER but has not yet achieved a degree of shortness that will let me go outdoors on a windy day and not be blinded by my own hair swirling around my face.

I've been assured that I have achieved "cute" with the last two styles but unfortunately, "cute" seems to equal "visually impaired" when it comes to doing more than sitting in a chair. To date, Robin has taken off about 6 inches. I think 2 more inches might do it. Hopefully tomorrow's appointment will achieve the hair nirvana I'm looking for.

How my stylist can make my hair look

How I'd like my hair to look

How my husband would like my hair to look

How I think my hair looked yesterday

How my hair may have looked in college
(Hey, it was the 80s!)

How I do NOT want my hair to look
(But she has a gun so who's gonna argue?)

How my stylist is afraid I'll ask her to make my hair look

How my hair usually looks


  1. LOL!! Good LUCK!!! Maybe you need to take the picture you WANT! Not that it will ever turn out the way it was when you walk out the door!

  2. LMAO- So will I recognize you the next time I see you? Just let me know which style you opted for.

  3. I have the same problem with my hairdresser. He's been cutting my hair for decades and I haven't changed the style but it seems I walk out of there with the haircut *I* want probably every sixth or seventh haircut. Sigh.
    I do like the Princess Diana 'do. Take a photo along so you and she are looking at the same thing and see if she can make it work!
    Good luck and post pictures of your new 'do!

  4. I like that last option. You would look cute in pink hair!

  5. Your post made me laugh out loud (at work)!