Friday, March 27, 2009

One week and counting

Phoenix and I show in AKC Novice for the first time one week from today. I am so excited! My goal for our training sessions between now and then is to focus on our strengths. In reality, a week isn't long enough to "fix" any problems and it's easy to make things worse instead of better with frantic, last minute training. The last thing I want in my dog's mind the week before a trial is doubt and uncertainty. Attitude is everything!

This pic is Nix's bad little self at age 10 weeks, in March 2007. He was 15 pounds of biting, gnawing, grabbing, yowling, kissing, running, wagging wild energy.

This pic is from last summer (2008), age 1 1/2. Pretty much the same package except now he weighs more. This is his "I'm too sexy for the cornfield" look.

Thanks again to photographers Sheryl and Meme for dressing up this blog with their talent.


  1. Holy cow - I can't believe he was ever that little! I'll bet you couldn't fit him back in that bag on under the seat again!! LOL

  2. I'm wondering where the ears came from!!!