Sunday, March 29, 2009

Obviously, it was a dog toy

Can you identify this mystery item? 

Is it:
A) Marge Simpson's wig
B) Smurf poop
C) something leftover from a Blue Man Group party
D) a brand new bath pouf after Phoenix stuck his paw through his crate in the van, pulled it out of the Walmart bag, drug it into his crate and had a party with it?

If you chose D, you are the grand prize winner! 

This afternoon, I took the dogs down to Kay's to train. Then I ran some errands in Iowa City. First stop: Walmart. Jamie and Phoenix napped in their crates. They were tired puppies! At some point (I think it was between Pleasant Valley Garden Center and Barnes and Noble), Phoenix got tired of napping and adventure was as close as the nearest Walmart bag. You'd think I would learn not to put anything within six feet of that dog's crate! 

Ah, well, at least it wasn't a bottle of honey!


  1. Shoot!! I voted for smurf poop!!!

  2. I got it RIGHT!!! What do I win!!! and don't say Phoenix!!! LOL Honestly, you should know better by now. SHAME ON YOU!!! G