Wednesday, April 2, 2014

If cats took selfies

This is Bonus Cat. 
He moved in last fall.
He has always been a friendly cat.

He got neutered in January. 
Now he is over-the-top annoyingly friendly. 
He WUUUUUVS everyone.
Including Phoenix and the Farmer.
Who really don't know what to do with him.

Phoenix has given up trying to make him go away. 
Bonus just rubs and purrs.
And reaches up to pat you if you ignore him.

Bonus also helps with training.
I'm considering renting him out.
Phoenix says you can keep him.


  1. A cat that Phoenix DOESN'T want??? Boggle


  2. I live in New York. Will he fit in an overnight box? GIMME!

  3. Khyra says PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send him to York PA -

    She's drooling in anticipation ;-)