Sunday, May 26, 2013

Iowa Renaissance Festival 2013

Ah, a fun day at the faire . . . in the pouring rain. Not many great photo ops this year, everyone was bundled under cloaks and huddling in tents. Seriously, I need to get a cloak. It would have been the ultimate accessory for my stylin' faire costume of Gortex hiking boots, rain pants and rain coat. You laugh. But I was dry. If you started doing agility in the era of outdoor trials - you learn how to dress for warm and dry on a cold and wet day.

The performers had a good time despite the weather.

Some were clearly having more of a good time than others.

Where else can you watch someone put a kilt on a dog? 
The dog apparently liked it. He was already wearing a coat.

Of course there were knights with swords.

And jousting. 
Would you believe it stopped raining during the jousting? 
It did. For about 20 minutes.
Which had to be a record cuz it rained the other 23 hours and 40 minutes of today.

Sir Joseph was defeated by the dastardly Sir Daniel. Again. 
But Sir Daniel's horse was prettier so he got my vote.

A shot of the mud-choked swampland that was the parking lot would have been appropriate in closing. But I didn't take one as I left. Because it was pouring rain. Again. And I was a little concerned about getting to high ground, but it turned out to be no problem. And the pouring rain washed all the mud off R2 on the way home so it didn't look like we'd been 4-wheelin'.

Already looking forward to next year's faire. I have 364 days to find a cloak.

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