Friday, January 18, 2013

"That's my spot"

The Farmer and I moved the bedroom furniture around recently. It was a very small move, more of a tweak, really. A slight repositioning of our bed meant there was less space for Phoenix’s bed along the wall near the headboard, a spot he’s occupied — first in a crate, then sleeping loose on his bed — for 6 years. Thinking nothing of it, I moved his bed about two feet from its original position to a new spot along the adjoining wall.

That night when we all went to bed, Phoenix didn’t. He stood in his old spot and stared at me.

I told him to go lie down, the three magic words that signal all activity is done for the day and the humans are going to be out of commission for the next eight hours.

He stood in his old spot and stared at me.

I told him to go lie down again, just on the off chance he had become suddenly and inexplicably deaf.

He stood in his old spot and stared at me.

I got up and showed him his bed in the new spot, just on the off chance he had become suddenly and inexplicably blind. I had him lie down on his bed in the new spot. I went back to bed.

By the time I got the blankets pulled up, he was standing in his old spot. Staring at me.

Being stared at by a dog in the dark — particularly THIS dog in the dark — causes several degrees of discomfort. It was pretty clear he wanted something. He wanted his bed back in his old spot. The new spot was not his spot.

Well, too bad. I was warm and comfortable and not getting up again.

I faked sleep. Phoenix stared. I faked more sleep. Phoenix stared and (I swear I am not making this up) stomped his front feet.

I gave up. I got up. I picked up his bed. I wedged it sideways into the old spot. He laid down and happily went to sleep.

Phoenix is apparently soulmates with Dr. Sheldon “That’s my spot” Cooper.


  1. LOL, thats what I was thinking when reading the story.

  2. Classic! These are the good stories, the ones you just can't make up!

  3. The Stare That Penetrates Darkness combined with the Footstomp of Anger. It is good you folded and chose to comply.

  4. Having seen temper tantrums in Siberian Huskies, I totally believe the front paw stomping. Fortunately, they aren't quite so concerned about things staying the same (their history being that they followed nomadic tribes in Siberia, they are entirely too comfortable with different scenery every day). BUT, nothing like waking up in the morning and feeling that same stare. They will not make noise until I wake up, but they stare. And I feel it. And if my breathing pattern changes, they know I am awake.

  5. Just came across your blog on DWB on FaceBook and dropped by to say hello. Your dogs are magnificent!

    Very interesting about the "right place"!

  6. OMG, Phoenix and Loki are long lost twins. i just know it. That is sooooo Loki I can't even tell you... YOu're just lucky Jamie doesn't do what Juno does and screws with his head by getting into his bed before he can. Sometimes Loki gets up in the middle of the night, maybe for a permiter check or maybe a mid night pee (we have a dog door and i do turn them out for last pee but sometimes it happens)... but he'll get up and the minute he does, juno saunters over ot his bed and makes herself at home. and he'll tap-tap-tap his paws around to my side then to MWD's side then my side, then MWD's side, staring and tapping his nails on the hardwood floor. Until one of us wakes up and makes Juno move. I'm lucky tho, all it takes is me "Juno go to your own bed" now and she moves. I used to have to get out of bed, and convince her to go into her own bed. then i outsmarted her and would pet loki for a bit and then call her to me and pet her, while loki would turn around and run for his bed. Now all i have to do is say her name and she moves. but damn... he can't go into her bed which is EXACTLY the same bed as his? nope. sometimes if i'm lucky, she will leave space and he'll curl up next to her... with her huge bed right next to his, empty... sigh. crackers are whack. I sooooo get Phoenix.

  7. Legend will only sleep in our bed and in the "medium" dog bed. If the other two dogs are already in "medium" bed and she's not ready to sleep in our bed, she will stare confusedly at "medium" bed and then eventually stuff her herself in with the other dogs. Heaven forbid she use another bed! But, that's kind of the way she is, she will also only play with one toy at a time.