Friday, August 10, 2012

Welcome to my life


This is what happens when you reach a certain age.

You have to leave yourself little notes around the house.

Or you forget to do things that should not be forgotten.

Like practice stays.

It's so easy to forget about working stays, so I wrote this inspirational (or at least brilliantly green) note and put it on the shelf over the sink where I will see it about 10,000 times a day because that's how often I'm at the sink - cleaning food, preparing food, eating food, cleaning up after eating food. You get the picture.

Eating and doing stays. That seems to be my life.

That and teaching the Old Red Dog to stand and stare at cheese.

Really. I don't try to explain these things to people beyond my own little special group of fiends. They understand me.


  1. Notes are good. Green is good. Green notes are really good :)

  2. I use a dry eraser board....on the fridge. For many of the same reasons!! I visit the fridge OFTEN!! Stays, I must admit, has never been on it.

  3. Umm, Melinda. Is it a typo, or did you *mean* to say "your special group of fiends"? If you meant it, am I in it????