Thursday, August 4, 2011

Seeing red

I got my hair colored earlier this week. I've never had this done before. Had it highlighted now and then but never colored. It was time for a change. I wanted something different.

I told my stylist I did NOT want to be blonde. No blonde. No. No. No.

We looked at those silly little hair samples. It's like trying to chose paint color for a 20 ft. x 20 ft. room by looking at a 1 inch square paint chip. Experience has taught me that paint on the walls NEVER looks like it does on the paint chip. Why did I think hair would be any different?

My ideal color was light brown. Pretty simple, huh? Not asking for too much? Just light brown.

My stylist assured me she could do light brown. Not a problem. I trust Robin. I've known her forever. We were good friends when I lived in town. Heck, she was in our wedding!

Long story short, my hair is now blonde. And red. Sort of blondish-red. It looks different colors under different lights. But it doesn't look light brown under ANY lights.

I'm not sure where things went wrong. Actually, it's not a horrible look so I can't say it actually went wrong. It's not flaming red and it's not punk pink. I don't need to hide it under a hat. But it's not light brown either.

Years ago, I joked that I was going to take Jamie to Robin and ask her to make my hair match his gorgeous auburn/mahogany/cinnamon/fawn/russet coat. I never intended to actually do it! Maybe I should pull Jamie out of retirement and start showing him again, since my hair now matches part of his fur.

The Farmer has started calling me Red. He thinks he's very clever. I tell him at least I HAVE hair.

In six weeks, we'll give "light brown" another shot.


  1. I'm sure it's wonderful - I can't wait to see it tomorrow night!!

  2. Dark hair tends to turn red when dyed a lighter color. If Robin's dyes have names, I've found the best thing to do is pick something with the word Ash in it - Ash Blonde, Light Ash Brown, like that.

    Phoenix doesn't have any red in his coat, eh?

  3. I can't wait to see it tomorrow too! Bring Jamie so we can compare!!!

  4. Wow! That's pretty cool. My mother used to say that she wanted her hair the same color as my Golden Retriever. He wasn't red and wasn't blonde, but like a true golden color. It never worked out for her. Red was the name of Morgan Freeman in The Shawshank Redemption. So you can also tell your husband that he's married to a large, soft-spoken black man. That might stop him.

  5. I like it. Now you have an excuse for some of the "ditsiness (is that a word)...for people who don't know you anyway.

  6. Can't wait to see this when we train next week!